Dr. Leonid Smirnoff, Geologist
For years I've wanted to share my pictures of Lee with his children who did not have the pleasure of knowing him during his prime. All of these pictures were taken in 1977 and 1978 during our field work for AMOCO on the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Islands. Lee shared with me countless stories of his life in the Soviet Union before immigrating to America as a political refugee in 1976. Lee died in 1990 from leukemia and was the last of his Russian geologic field party to die of this horrible disease. Apparently the entire party was exposed to radiation in their field area in the Ural Mountains. These photos are in 2 volumes:
  1. Volume I (below), and
  2. Volume II

Lee snoozing after lunch

smirnoff_77_3.jpg - 94205 Bytes
Lee sanding by a petrified Sequoia stump in growth position.
See, Smirnoff and Connelly, 1980, Axes of elongation of petrified stumps in growth position as possible indicators of paleosouth, Alaska Peninsula.

Bob Scott, Carlos Pierce, Lee, and Eric Penttila, Sandy River


Lee swimming near Shelikof Straits ... burrr!

When in season, always salmon eggs for lunch

Lee, Earl Armstrong, Greg Brown at Milky River

Greg, Bill, Lee, and Eric

Lee at Port Moller International Airport

smirnoff_77_9.jpg - 78114 Bytes
Lee and Bill at headwaters of the Sandy River

Lee and Greg at Bear Lake Lodge, Alaska Peninsula

Bill and Lee reviewing map of Alaska Peninsula after a day in the field

smirnoff_77_12.jpg - 76214 Bytes
Coal Valley Member at Coal Bluff section

Lee, Bill, and Greg

smirnoff_77_14.jpg - 84009 Bytes
Lee cooking very fresh salmon over natural gas seep near Port Moller

smirnoff_77_15.jpg - 56971 Bytes
Greg, Lee, Eric, and Earl in hot springs near Port Moller

smirnoff_78_2.jpg - 50105 Bytes
Stepovak Formation, Milky River, Alaska Peninsula

These photos are in 2 volumes:
  1. Volume I
  2. Volume II