Dr. Leonid Smirnoff, Geologist
These photos are in 2 volumes:
  1. Volume I
  2. Volume II (below)

Lee the clown

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Bill Connelly, Lee, and Eric Penttila

Lee and Greg Brown sleeping in helicopter in Port Heiden area

Earl Armstrong, Bill Connelly, Eric, Greg Brown, and Lee

Eric, Earl, Greg, Bill, and Lee

Greg Brown and Lee

Lee and Bill in Elizabeth Lake, near lower Uganik Lake. It was a long wet hike out that day.

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Bristol Bay Lowlands

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Subsiding cabin, Meshik Village, Port Heiden

Salmon heading to market, Port Heiden. Note Lee's "Smirnoff" shirt

Bristol Bay Lowlands beach with glass fishing floats

Bill and Lee at Iliamna Lodge, which burnt down in the early 1980's

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Lee the capitalist, Turnagain Arm

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Cook Inlet platform

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Kirk Sherwood and Lee, leaning into the wind

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Kirk Sherwood and Lee

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Quick dip in the headwaters of Sandy River before calling it a day

These photos are in 2 volumes:
  1. Volume I
  2. Volume II